Minor Project - In Colors🌺

In Colors Cut me up in two or three or four dark clouds, I won't bring you rain I won't spend my time to prove you're good or bad or tend to feel the ground. That's not my fate. That's not your land. Rising up that kids can be destroying, can be exhausting but a smile comes when they grow. Restless thoughts and actions you'r so proud of, when you know. Or if you don't they disappear and they feel wrong. Right! You look up right again. You broke your right to be the same like them. I want them real I want them to live their life in peace. Frost! He seem to hesitate, my thoughts are black, your ones are reprimand . I want you cool, I want you to live your life in colors. Carve your name at benches walls or sheets. The road you walked was just a street, there are no clouds or hidden doors.


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